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Carol Perkoksi has 12 years experience as a Colon Hydrotherapist. She is the only therapist in the Cleveland area who is nationally certified by The International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy( IACT ).

As the owner of In Carol’s Care she has provided a nurturing environment for hundreds of clients on their way to creating a more healthy lifestyle for 12 years.

Carol offers her extensive experience and wisdom which stems from her own healing through many years of trial and error. She has knowledge of many health issues, such as candida, food allergies constipation, parasites, as well as problems with inflammation. Her caring and breadth of knowledge has made a tremendous impact on her clients.

Carol is also a Reiki Master and is currently studying Energy healing. Her passion is to help clients heal mind, body and spirit. One powerful energy healing technique, E.F.T. the Emotional Freedom Technique uses affirmations and acupressure points (Chinese Medicine) to clear out negative patterns and it is extremely effective in eliminating food or other cravings.

Our intention and mission at
In Carol’s Care
is to provide you with the highest level of nurturing and education, and to assist you on your journey towards better health—not only physically but on a soul level

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Cleveland, Ohio Colon Hydrotherapist Carol Krentzman
Cleveland Colon Hydrotherapist, Carol Perkoski

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