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Coronavirus Update:
Due to the governor’s order In Carol’s Care will be closed for the time being.  I will comply with the State’s order as far as reopening the business. Please feel free to check back with me.
During this time I will be giving Wellness Consultations.  Strengthening immunity is my expertise as I have been living with an autoimmune condition for 20 years. I can provide you with a huge knowledge base for your toolbox during this difficult time to help keep you safe. I am not a medical professional and do not treat or diagnose any disease.   I am also offering The Standard Process Protocol for immune and viral support. Please call me for specific info on their protocol and for ordering.
I am also giving long distance Reiki and energy healing sessions.
Please call me for more info:  216 221-8832
Stay safe and healthy.  I miss every one of you and am looking forward to helping you in the near future.
Love to you,  Carol

Energy Healing

Detoxification Programs
Do you Feel Tired and Low Energy?

Do youcarry Stress In Your Body?

Would you like to feel a Sense of Well-Being and Joy?

Would you like to be aware of all possibilities for yourself?
Access Bars
Detoxification Programs
 The intention of Access Consciousness is to create a world of oneness and consciousness.  Consciousness includes everything and does not judge. Science hypothesizes that thoughts influence our molecules and can create dis-ease, unhappiness, a feeling of being stuck. The aim of Access Bars it to assist you in the creative process to the point where you are conscious enough to create change within you, to receive everything without judgement, and to have greater awareness of who you are. It empowers you to understand what is true for you.
The bars are 32 points on the head where you have stored your ideas, thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs and attitudes that hold you back in your life. Energy is directed, through touch, into each point in a systematic way.  This flow of energy erases years of a fixed point of view.  It is likened to “deleting files of a hard drive.” 

This treatment will help create an awareness of all your patterns so you can get to the point where you look at everything for what it is rather than what you want it to be. Many people who experience this powerful technique report a greater sense of freedom, well-being and feel like they have the tools to change what is not working in their lives.

Crystal Healing
Crystals are natural solids made from minerals and each type has a precise atomic arrangement. For healing, they work through our energy system, our chakras and aura. Crystals can focus, transmit, store, magnify and channel energy. Crystal healing has shown to improve your physical, mental and emotional health, and speed up healing. Simply holding a crystal can quiet your mind and center your being.

A session involves balancing your energy centers and rebalancing your energy system, or chakras, to bring about balance and greater well-being. Your body will be scanned for blockages, then crystals are laid in a grid on and around your body. I also use intuition as guidance to assist you in a greater awareness and understanding of yourself and offer suggestions that may be beneficial.

Every session is individualized to the client. We begin by completing an intake form designed to help you understand what areas you would like to focus on. In every healing system I use the crystals and my intuition to guide you towards the highest and most helpful outcome as you lie comfortable and fully clothed on a massage table.

 21-Day Purification System
Reiki means “universal energy.” The Reiki practitioner is a conduit of that energy, with the ultimate goal of helping the client to self heal. In physics we are taught that everything is energy, everything has a vibration. When you have a block in your energy body you develop “dis-ease.” The longer the blockage lasts, the more serious the “dis-ease” can become.

​I was taught Usui Reiki from a master twice removed from Mrs. Takata, but to me that point is trivial. I prefer to say that I’m a Reiki practitioner with excellent training.

I believe that the best way to describe Reiki and its benefits is with a simple analogy. Picture yourself as an automobile. To ensure your car performs at its best you change the oil, rotate the tires, and do other “preventative maintenance.” Your body is the same. To ensure your body performs at its best you try to eat right, exercise, reduce stress, and get plenty of rest. Reiki is also something you can do holisticly to avoid breaking down.  
What if I told you that not only are you the car, you are the driver, the road, and the obstacles. You have the job of maneuvering your car. The choice of which roads to take and the way you handle the turns and obstacles in your path. The decisions you make and the way you deal with the obstacles ultimately can cause the blockages. Be it physically, emotionally, or on a spiritual level. Reiki can help you heal on all those levels.
I am a firm believer that most things are fixable, treatable, even reversible. Best of all, I believe all these can happen without a prescription. I believe that you don’t always need a doctor, maybe you just need a good mechanic and a little preventative maintenance.

James is available on an on call basis. To schedule an appointment please call  (216) 221-8832
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